Victim Service Volunteer Program

Volunteers are accepted to serve as Victim Advocates in all areas of the State Attorney’s Office. This includes:

  • Telephone contact during office hours with victims of all crimes to keep them informed of the status of their case and to obtain their input regarding the case.
  • Special services to victims of domestic violence.
  • Assistance in filing for crimes compensation
  • Criminal Justice Support for victims including court accompaniment, attending depositions, and any other hearing required of victims.
  • Assistance identifying community services available for victims and providing information to the victim.
  • Compassionate, non-directive listening and support to victims.

The State Attorney’s Office respects victims and assures them that anyone who assists them will be trained, and supervised as a professional staff member of the Victim Service Program. Training is provided by Program staff and representatives of agencies who work with the State Attorney’s Office.

Imagine someone saying to you:

“I could not have done it without you! Thank you!”

Requirements for Volunteers

Attend a 12 hour training class and 10+ hours of work with a trained Advocate.

Follow all policies and procedures of the State Attorneys Office.

Attend monthly staff meetings and training sessions.

Sign a confidentiality agreement.

Training Sessions are held several times during the year. If you are interested in working with us or would like more information, please contact Alicia Rockwell, our Volunteer Coordinator at 772-462-6850.

Volunteer Application

You may download the Victim Services Volunteer Application below. Please complete with pen using blue or black ink. This form cannot be filled out on your computer.

Please return to:
Attn: Alicia Rockwell, Volunteer Coordinator
(772) 462-6850 | FAX (772) 462-6822

Note: If you cannot view PDF’s, download the free Adobe Reader software. The download is available here. When downloading, be sure to un-select any “optional offers” that come bundled with the software, as they are unnecessary to the software’s installation.